Afghan doctors need your help. They are working against all odds... with little equipment and money. These doctors are
dedicated, have courage and skill, but they lack instruments, training and assistance to reach their potential. Medical
resources are scarce in Afghanistan. The medical community desperately needs your support and donations.

The AliAbad Hospital Urology Program, headed by Dr. Hassan Manawi, needs support to help rebuild their program. This
is the only urology training program in Afghanistan. By helping them you will be helping generations of urology surgeons
and Afghans.

Anyone who steps foot in Afghanistan can not help but admire its beautiful geography and culture. The Afghan people have
suffered nearly every privation know to mankind over the last quarter century. However, the people and politics in this
region are beginning to come full circle. The future, however tentative and fragile, is back. Whether you are interested in
helping the Aliabad Hospital, curious about current events in the region, or simply would like to hear a wonderful story of
how someone can make a difference, then please read on...the people of Afghanistan can use your help.
How Can I Help?
100% of donations are used for charity and are tax deductible

Thank you for your support!